Low-cost housing in South Africa

Reporting state changes of large-scale programmes over time

Introduction The purpose of this case study is to explore aspects in reporting state changes of large-scale programmes over time. A state change in this context refers to the shift in statuses of multiple activities performed during the delivery of a project, the project forming part of a more extensive body programme of works (concentrated portfolio of project activities). We could attempt this using Excel, and perhaps we’ll be successful as the current dataset only contains c. [Read More]

Simulating data and file-based ETL

Introduction Data Scientists spend a lot of time importing, cleaning, tidying and transforming data before any decent analysis can start. Like many, the industry that I work in typically email files to communicate data and report. I follow a consistent approach to ETL and subsequent data concentration to better manage the accumulation of multiple, disparate files from a variety of sources and different formats. This tutorial demonstrates a simplified version of this process. [Read More]