dplyr 0.8.1 grouping functions update

Changes to group_modify() and group_map()

RStudio has just released a minor update to dplyr. They had a rethink of new grouping purrr-style functions used to iterate on grouped tibbles. The changes include: group_map() is now used for iterating on grouped tibbles. It however makes no assumptions about the return type of each operation, combining results in a list - similar to purrr::map(). The previous behaviour was renamed to group_modify(), always returning and combining grouped tibbles by evaluating each operation with a reconstructed grouping structure - similar to purrr::modify(). [Read More]


Supercharge data import in R

I’m very excited the learn about vroom, RStudio’s latest tidyverse offering. It imports data a lot faster compared with existing R solutions. Check out the following benchmark that provides a comparison across a handful of similar functions and interactions between various libraries. Benchmark The speed is already a game-changer, but the following features sweeten the deal: Similar to readr vroom shares many features with readr, including nearly all of the parsing features of readr for delimited and fixed width files. [Read More]